Information and Advice for Members

The Annual General Meeting (AGM) will be held on Thursday 12th March 2020

Entry strictly by top floor door only. First call 10.00am, second call 10.30am.

All Members have the right to participate in any AGM and to vote on all resolutions put forward.

Any Member may introduce a proposal at the AGM but must submit the proposal in writing to the Club Secretary not less than twenty days before the Meeting. The document has to be signed by the Proposer  and countersigned by a Member seconding and supporting the proposal.

Any proposal concerning the Statutes cannot be accepted. Statutes can only be changed at an E.G.M. convened for that purpose.

The Agenda for the Meeting will be published in the Club Magazine and on the Club Website and

Notice Board on the Club Premises not less than twenty days before the date of the Meeting.

Any Member unable to attend the Meeting may apply personally by telephone, in writing, by e-mail, via the website, or in person to the Secretary for a Postal Vote for the published agenda. The application may be at any time and should indicate the method of delivery of same. No Member may apply for a Postal Vote for any other Member. The Postal Vote will be issued specifically to the applying Member. Such Postal Vote must be returned to the Secretary not less than 24 hours prior to the time of the first call for the Meeting.

In "Any Other Business" any item concerning The Club may be discussed. Proposals may be made and voted upon provided that:

They do not involve Changes to the Statutes (see the rule above).

They do not involve changes to The Rules. Any proposition concerning The Rules must appear on The Agenda so that the Members will have due notice of same.

The following committee positions will be vacant at the time of  the AGM -

Vice President, Magazine Editor, Bar Manager and 2 committee positions.

Nominations have been received for Vice President, Bar Manager and 1 committee member and therefore elections for these posts will take place during this AGM.

Nominations from any member willing to be considered to undertake any of the above positions must apply to the club secretary for the nomination form to be completed and returned not less than 20 days before AGM (Friday 21st February).

To comply with Club Statutes Article 19: Unless opposed the following committee members are willing to continue their current positions: Diane Hackett, Wilma Keeley. Although Sheila Fox is relinquishing her position as Magazine Editor, she is willing to fill the vacant Committee Member position. Any other Member seeking election to the Committee, whether as one of the Principal Officers or otherwise, shall submit written notice of his or her intention to the Secretary, countersigned by ten other Club Members supporting such nomination, not less than twenty days prior to the next General Meeting. The first member to sign the nomination form needs to be aware and willing to stand up and introduce the prospective committee member and say why they would be eligible for the position for the good of the club.
Please note members wishing to apply for the posts of President or Vice President must have been a member for at least 2 years.

Closing date for nominations being Friday 21st February. A secret vote will then take place at the AGM for positions stated.

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