The “ICE” Canasta Club

This group meets EVERY TUESDAY NIGHT of the week on the upper level of the Club from 7 to 10pm. It caters for members of all capabilities and newcomers are most welcome.


Solo Canasta may be played with 3, 4, or 5 players but is best played with three or four persons playing individually for themselves. The word "Canasta" actually means "Basket" in Spanish and probably referred to the tray that was originally used to hold the discards. It is still often referred to as "Basket Rummy". Canasta is played with two decks of 54 cards or a total of 108 cards including 4 jokers. All are shuffled together as one deck before the game begins. Note that in Canasta, both Jokers and Deuces (twos) are wild cards. Treys (Red threes) are special as you will see later.

The dealer shuffles, cuts and deals the cards face down, clockwise beginning with the player to the dealer's left. Each player gets 11 cards in a game with 4 or more players or 13 cards in a game of 3 players only. Also, each player must immediately place, face up in front of them, any red threes they were dealt and draw an equal number of cards from the stock pile to replace them when it is their turn. The dealer then places the next card face up (the "upcard") on the table, starting the discard pile, next to the discard pile, the rest of the deck is placed face down to form the stock pile. If the upcard is a wild card (a joker or a deuce) or a trey (Red three) one or more cards must be turned upon it until a natural card appears. The first Player now draws an extra Card for their turn in the Game. All subsequent discards are laid face up in one pile, on the upcard, if the first player does not take it. No previous discards are seen and only the upcard is visible at the top of the discard pile. The goal of Canasta is to obtain the most points by melding or creating sets out of one’s cards. Going out sooner than your opponent and discarding your last card is somewhat less important in Canasta than in other Rummy games.

New Players are invited to come down on a Tuesday Evening and Tuition will be provided for beginners and Members who have not played the Game in a while. You can Contact the Organiser by Telephone or Email, see below, for any further Information you may require.

Organiser:-  Nigel Nevshehir

Telephone:-  Home 952 791 449

  Mob. 689 457 410


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